Monday, February 8, 2016

Your First $12,000 Through Moneygram!


I am Mr. Jerry Ganou, I have tried reaching you on mail all this while, but you fail to respond back to me, please be aware that your matter came to my desk which were dated since on the 29-07-2015 (6) months ago, with the total fund of $2,250,000.00. Frankly speaking you are very lucky because you are going to receive your first (8) Ref-control numbers of $12,000 after responding to our mail, all this while your transfer had been stopped because it was under investigation of money laundry by the Ministry of Information and National Orientation and that was the reason your name were among those who were blacklisted, but now we have settled your problem and removed your name from the blacklist, so your funds is free for transfer to you now.

You will now be receiving $12,000 everyday in installment payment of $1,500 each until your total payment of $2,250,000 is completed, you will be receiving 8 reference numbers at a time, one for $1,500. The only thing we need from you is to obtain the (A.R.O) Authorization Release Order Certificate, which will reflect in any Money-Gram Office in your country, stating that you are not a party to money laundry activity, the (A.R.O) Authorization Release Order Certificate will cost you the sum of $269 only. Remember that this is the only charge for you to pay before your (8) Ref-control numbers of $12,000 will be released to you today for pick up without any delay.

You are to send the $269 to and also reconfirm your information to us as required below;

Receiver's Full Name:
Zip code:
Telephone(Home And Cell):

Please try and make the $269 transfer as soon as possible so that we can proceed with your transfer immediately.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Jerry Ganou
+229 66054044
Managing Director
Money-Gram Head Office Cotonou

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