Monday, February 8, 2016

Re; Re; Your Unpaid Benefit

Hello Dear,

Complement of the season and I brought you good news having reviewed your payment with the obstacles and problems surrounding the transfer of the ($800,000.00) dollars to you do to your inability to contact the concern authority since 2015 with some charges levied against you due to the past transfer options which you fail to comply as your payment was hijack and channel to Africa from Europe as payment compensation to you.

So Board of Directors of the paying bank, has ordered there Foreign Remittance Unit to avoid much expenses in your coming down to Cotonou-Benin for the payment by asking United Bank For Africa Credit Centre to issue you an INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE VISA CARD which can be use to withdraw your money anywhere in the world.

As you known, you can withdraw $10,000.00 dollars per day from Visa Card and can also make transfer of $50,000.00 dollars from the card to your bank account once it's is issue and receive by you so if you are still alive, kindly contact Pastor Harry for details or it will be declare unclaimed and return to the commission should in case you fail to meet up this time.

Foreign Payment Credit Centre
C/36, Zone Fifa, Cotonou,
Republic of Benin West Africa
Tel: +229 65 03 27 5
Contact Person: Pastor Paul Harry

Contact the above immediately to re-claim your payment as my official leave will start tomorrow.

Ms. Rose William

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