Sunday, February 28, 2016

re. Important Message

I have tried reaching you by sending you mail to your email for months when i was in your country but you never replied back so when i left your country, i visited the Gold coast in Ghana (West Africa) for a UN program and it was a 3 months program so i had to register your parcel with the FedEx courier here and paid for the delivery and Insurance. They informed me you have not yet received your parcel containing a bank ATM card with it's activation codes and The issuing bank to contact in order for easy activation. The parcel is completly sealed until it gets to you before it could be opened.

Your ATM CARD with FEDEX Company with Parcel Number: 68873693, Shipment Code: AWB 33XZS, be advised to contact them with your delivery information such as,

Full Name:
Telephone Number:

So they could confirm it with the information been given to them for the delivery. Below are the contact details of the FedEx outlet Manager.

Contact Person: Mr. Nelson Rashid
Contact Email: (
Contact Tel : +233-20-587-6334

Note that i have paid for the delivery and Insurance charges but you will need to pay for the security keeping fee because i never knew it will spend months in there custody. The only fee you have to pay is the 4month security keeping fee which is $150 USD. Please make sure you indicate the registration Number: 473001827955072 and ask him how to the 4months security keeping fee of $150 so that you can pay it immediately to avoid further increase cause the more time it spends in the FedEx office the more increase in the security keeping of your parcel safe.

Remember to contact them with your full information to avoid mistake. I am in India to look after my health, if not i would have delivered the parcel to you myself, i hope you understand. Please indicate the registration Number so it would be easy for them to find your Parcel.

May Allah be with you.

Best Regards,

Mr. Amr Moussa Ahmed.

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