Monday, February 1, 2016

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Hello Good day,

I am writing you this mail from the love of GOD and help of man kind, my name is Mr. Lekan Sanusi. i am the MANAGER of GT BANK GHANA, and i write you this mail for us help a 81 years old boy name called, David Boreanaz and know that you will have your pesange from this too, David father Dr Boreanaz was a very Good friend of my because he has 3 big hospital here in my country before he died,let me tell you little story about david, david father was from U S A and mother was from Ghana here,and the law of our land Ghana. said that woman have the right to take everything after the deid of her husband, right now david mother died last 4 years, and the father died this year, now the family of his wife have claim all that belong to David father the little boy is left with nothing, but as a nam that have human feeling, i know that if i don't do this for this little boy this boy will end of with nothing in life, of chich that may end little boy stealing,or jion bad guy or to make life, because i know what it take for a little boy with know father or mother to solver without money know family hope, i as the Bank manager and same time the account manager because i know how much Dr,Boreanaz has in his bank account and i know that the wife family will come for that money soon, Dr, Boreanaz which is david father, but honest i Can't do anything if i did not see any one from david father family, please i will love you to fine it in your heart to help this little boy by appairing as of the late Dr, Boreanaz, family i have make out check of [Three million pounds] to be transfer out, as soon as this transfer is made i will tell you when to transfer the money bank to the account again ,note that you have share of [one million pounds] from the money.....if you can help out you can reply me on my private mail [ ]

Managing Director,
Mr. Lekan Sanusi.
phone number +233 2381 60133
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