Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mr. Raja McGroarty (Investment Scam)

Dear. Sir,

I was a private /special investment adviser to a late business mogul a foreign contractor and investor. I decided to make this investment offer to you with regards to my plan to invest upward of $28.5M USD in real estate and other ventures in your location you may advise. This originated as over cost proceeds from government MOD and oil related contracts few years and was kept in a secret investment deposit before he died.

Being in a better position to front a beneficiary, I decided to contact you because the deceased (a widower) had no child, so it is possible for me to present you as the beneficiary backed by legal document. He had mandated me prior to his death to find a good businessman to work with and invest the funds judiciously for benefit of mankind. Your commission will be 40% of the total funds for your participation . If you consider yourself trust worthy and capable of working with me to invest these funds into lucrative ventures which can bring about 10% AROI. Kindly contact me, If you are interested for more details.


Mr. Raja McGroarty.

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