Monday, February 8, 2016

I am MAJOR. Jame Glenn


I am MAJOR. Jame Glenn I am an Africa soldier attached to UN peace keeping force in Libya, I Am the commanding officer of the Army Battalion , as you may know there are several cases of insurgents attacks and suicide bombs going on here in Libya.

We managed to Move funds belonging to some demised persons who were attacked and killed through insurgent attacks. The total amount is US$8.4Million dollars in cash. We want to move this money to you, so That you may keep our share for us until when we shall come over to meet You.

We will take 70%, my partner and I. You take 30%. No strings attached, Just help us move it out of libya as We plan on using Diplomatic courier and shipping the money out in one large metallic Box, using diplomatic immunity.

If you are interested I will send you the full details, my job is to find a good partner that we can trust and that will assist us. Can I trust you? When you receive this letter, kindly send me an e-mail signifying your interest including your most confidential telephone/fax numbers for quick communication also your contact details.

This business is risk free. The boxes can be shipped out in 48hrs to your door step.

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Major Jame Glenn

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