Sunday, December 6, 2015

We Have successfully recovered your fund from swindlers

INTERPOL General Secretariat
200, quai Ronald Noble,
69006 Lyon

Congratulation to you for our successfully recovered your fund from swindlers.

We received Fraud signal and report from Our high-tech infrastructure of technical and operational support that helps us meet the growingcha llenges of fighting crime in the 21st century about innocent people Fund pending in Some Banks in Asia. after our real-time and
pain-stacking investigation we find out that your name was use to transfer and deposit the Sum of $36,000,000.00 into Asian Development Bank Cambodia

We are contacting you because your name and email address was use to deposit the fund with the bank so We have already inform the bank that the real beneficiary of the fund will be in-touch after our investigation, please we advice that you contact the bank and request
for all the documents and information of the account so that the bank will set-up online account and start remitting your accumulated interest of the fund since the fund was transfer to the bank as investment fund through undisclosed broker

We are waiting for your urgent confirmation of this important message before we will give you the full details contact of the bank to open communications

Mr. Jürgen Stock,
New Secretary-General of the International
Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)
INTERPOL (General Secretariat)
200, quai Charles de Gaulle
69006 Lyon, France

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