Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mercedes Benz Award

Mercedes Benz Award People

Dear Beneficiary,

You are selected to a Loyalty Reward from Mercedes-Benz, Answer the Below questions correctly and stand a chance of winning our Promotional Award Grand prize, $500,000 USD and a Brand New 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK350 4Matic SUV Car. If you have never had a Mercedes-Benz, this is your chance to benefit from our Company, If you have had any of our products this is your opportunity of enjoying some of our benefits apart from the comfort ability and efficiency of our products.


1. What year was Mercedes-Benz found?

a. 1886
b. 1926
c. 1936

2. Who was the founder of Benz?

a.Terry Benz
b.Tom Benz
c.Karl Benz

3. In which country is the Benz Headquarter Located?

a. Germany
b. United Kingdom
c. United State of America

Send your answers along with your Name, Sex, Phone Number, Alternate Email, Country and Occupation via this email address.
PHONE: +1 303 578 3190

Dieter Zetsche
Mercedes-Benz, CEO

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