Monday, November 9, 2015

Your Consignment Box Worth The Sum Of $15.500.000.00 Million U.S Dollars is ready to deliver.‏

Address: Agboku Grace Plaza,
2E-4 ELi gali Ayorinde, Porto Novo
Victoria Ireland Benin Republic.

Attention Dear Beneficiary, Try and call me back +229 68472165.

This is the second notice we are sending to you in regards to your CONSIGNMENT BOX left here in our office, we notified you about this few weeks ago but we haven’t heard from you up till this moment. Many other packages, which we are supposed to deliver together with yours had already been delivered to their various owners and yet yours is still here in our company. You can check on our website track with The written numbers below and see those whom we have already delivered; they all have received their shipments in a good condition. Tracking number USA :(554133370194) USA:(514154596245) which is already delivered, This is the evidence of the shipments we have already made safely and no complain. Today date 03/11/2015 November we brought out some CONSIGNMENT BOX packages abandon here in our office, so that is where we found yours name and email address sealed in an envelope, As for the delivery of this funds, I'm giving you 100% guarantee and confidence of the smooth delivery as soon as you follow the instruction for the onward delivery of your Consignment Box worth the sum of $15.500.000.00 Million U.S Dollars. Attached to this, is a letter sealed in the same Consignment Box stating that this Consignment worth the sum of $15.500.000.00 Million U.S Dollars also that it has already been activated for use. Reading down on this letter, which explains that the pin numbers of the Consignment box will not be giving to any other person but you and it has to be from the World BANK which issued this Consignment. Listen very carefully, Tell Mr JAMES Collins Musa that you are advised to contact him by Mr. Patrick F McDowell Jr from World Bank, And note that you are to send the sum of $55.00 u.s dollar's to them for deliver charges of your Consignment box/found which will be the only fee you are to pay until you received your Consignment box worth the sum of $15.5 million U.s dollar's %100 percent guarantee. Get back to me with the following information to commence the shipment of Consignment box. also try call me back +229 68472165.

Your Full Receiver's Name:......
Your Current Home Address:.....
Your Telephone Number:.....
Your Occupation:.................
Your Country Of Origin:...............
Your Date of Birth:..................
Your Nearest Airport:...................
Your ID Card In Attachment:...............

I wait your urgent response. Thanks and remain bless.

Best Regards.
Mr. Patrick F McDowell Jr.

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  1. Is Robert George a scam..Is Chicago fedex a scam..dose fedex ship cash by the box full as in 20 million..Thank You Mike Garner