Friday, October 30, 2015

Amazon Online Lottery & Powerball Promotions

Desk Of: International Online CO-Ordinator,
BetXchange Gaming Group(PTY)
in Collaboration with International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Amazon Online Lottery & Powerball Promotions


Dear (Online Award Winner)

We gladly wish to inform you that you have won prize money award of One Million and Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars, ($1,500,000.00) on our ongoing Human Development and Poverty Eradication Award

Your email address happens to be one of the emails chosen this quarter from our new java-based software that randomly selects email addresses from the web.Participants were selected from the registered email addresses in the Public Key Server-Index drawn from a pool of over 125,000 names in this batch from all the countries in the world as part of our international promotions programmed conducted to support Human Development and eradication poverty.

The payout of your cash prize to you will be subject to the final validations and satisfactory report that you are the authentic owner of the winning Email Address,This is real and not a hoax.Your Payment is strictly my Electronic Wire Transfer or Delivery of Visa Card.International Award Winning Certificate Award Ceremony will be held at the Micheal Angelo Hotel Mandela Square Sandton and all winners are expected to attend as provisions will be made for their Visas.

In line with the statutory procedure governing the claims of won prizes, you are to contact Credit Clearance Services our claim agent below to send him your particulars below:

1) Winning identification numbers: IMF/WB-PEA/95583/2015
2) Full Names 3) Country 4) Contact Address 5) Telephone /Fax
8) Occupation 9) Date of birth

Contact: Dr Richard (Regional Claims Manager)
Tel: +27 8474 73077
Ms. Suzan Graham (Assistant Mgr.)

Congratulation in Advance!!
Truly Yours,

Mrs Katherine Boyd- McPherson
(IMF & World Bank Online Award Co-Ordinator)

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