Saturday, September 19, 2015

Libyan Offer For (SARIR) Crude Oil

Hello Friend,

Please consider this proposal lucrative and contact me urgently if your interested

My name is Young Liu Koo, I am the senior manager for procurements Hong Kong Refining Company (SINOPE CGROUP INC). I have been mandated to source crude oil from Libya for supply to our refineries. I have been able to establish good relationship with the senior management of the Azzawya Oil Refining Company of Libya.

I am now looking for a competent trusted middle person who will stand in between Hong Kong Refining Company and Azzawya Oil Refining Company of Libya for the sales and purchase of 2 Million Barrels of SARIR crude oil Monthly for 36 Months. The order to take home a commission of 5 to 7 $USD per barrel. This amount is payable to the middle person as commission.

Kindly send your response via my private email ( and I will give you more details.

Best Regards
Mr. Young Liu Koo
Manager, Procurements Department
Hong Kong Refining Company

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