Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rép : Proposal

Hello friend,

I found your details on the internet for an honest person, i'm Thong Sarath a cambodian developer and businessman,

Please i would like you to consider my request in this email.

I have been accused of murder of a fellow Tycoon Late Mr.Ung meng chou in 2014, i have been arrested and detained in prison pending investigation and decision of the court but i still plead my innocence.

I want you to work with my lawyer to transfer $15 million dollars from my bank account to your account on a business treaty because the government may try to freeze my accounts,you will get 30% of all transfered funds, and as soon as i'm released; i will come to meet you to collect my 70%, contact my lawyer Barrister Kea Av, his email is


Excellency Sarath.

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