Saturday, May 16, 2015

You know you can increase and improve their production of milk and meat?


Dear Sir:

We understand that your company deals with agricultural inputs, particularly seeds for pastures.
May we introduce our company, one of the largest Brazilian producers of pasture seeds. From our own crop fields, we supply more than 2,500 tons of different species of improved seeds to livestock farmers throughout Brazil. We are also exporting our varieties to a network of distributors throughout Latin America, from Argentina to Mexico, as well as some countries in Africa and the Middle East. Our customers are very satisfied with the results obtained from their pastures established with our seeds. By feeding their cattle with our improved species, the weight gain can reach up to 1 kg per head (for beef cattle).

In our Latin American context, our seeds are most applicable to establish fields of pastures intended for animal feed. However, some of our varieties such as Panicum Tanzania, Mombasa and Massai are highly effective also for sheep, goats and camels. The remarkable feature about our seed is the germination rate: in addition to 65% under the real germination. In tetrazoleum salt testing its viability can reach up to 85%. The reason for this high rate of germination is the harvesting process. Mature seeds are not harvested in a nromal harvester, while they are standing on their stems. On the contrary, we leave essascairem on the floor and then reap those with a sweeper machine or even manually. They are then cleaned by extensive machinery and sorting system until they reach a purity rate of 95%. That's why we call ground seeds because they are collected from the ground when the nature already matured for germination.

Another important feature of our seeds is an attractive ratio of its cost / benefit ratio. With our improved seeds, 4 kilograms per hectare sowing density is sufficient to establish a grazing field to sustain 3-4 head per hectare. For all its nutritional characteristics, its cost is very low. We will be pleased to send you a budget for the amount you may require these varieties. We can assure you that our improved seeds may prove to be a major asset for the development of pastures in your area at a surprisingly low cost.

We are available to answer any questions.

Thank you.

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