Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wendie Webb

Good day,

My name is Wendie Webb I am a businesswoman and I'm currently suffering from stroke and stroke have influenced me, and I have been to India and other countries and the doctors said that I do not, to make it capable of, so I have finally given in life, that's what, you know me. If you think I'm interested in your fund, I would at the Eco Bank where I the sum of $ 5.200.000 with Eco Bank stored. so I want you to help me, claiming the Funds, I decided to contact you via email so all the funds transfer, you have to be as my next of kin.

That's why I want you to know that if this money you get also, do use to 60 percent of the money to less Privileges and orphans and 40 per cent in order to help themselves, because I also an orphan, I never knew my parents, I grew up in the motherless children home, so I need you now react.

Wendie Webb.

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