Monday, May 11, 2015

The lord jesus christ bless you


I apologize for this intrusion. May God bless you immensely my name is Marie Brigitte Prouvost born November 6, 1963 a native of France; I am
married, Fire, that is to say to the deceased, my husband Steven BRANDON American nationality, glorious and blessed memory who was a consulting engineer in the Republic of South Africa for nine years. After six years of marriage, he died after a brief and simple 4 days of illness. Since his death, I also struggled in diseases such as brain cancer and diabetes which pushed me to come here to look after me (LONDON) recently my doctor told me that I would not survive the end of next three weeks, this due to my cancer problem which bothered me for a long time. Having known my current health condition, my decision is to donate my good and a sum of € 550,000.00 uros which is currently in my personal account that I had kept for a construction project to someone ' a lot of heart that fears God. Especially I seek God's servants (pastor or others) because I need to pray watched over my health, write me to have the Gift of information that I make.

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May the peace and mercy of God be with you.

Marie Brigitte Prouvost

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