Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Phillip Adams

Dear Beneficiary,

I have been waiting to hear from you about the collection of your payment via a certified check of US$1.2Million but I did not hear from you and the payment date on the check is about to expire. So, I went and deposited the check with the bank that issued the check and with the help of the bank manager, your check was converted to cash payment. However, in order to avoid long documentation and unnecessary bureaucracy of bank transfer procedures, the funds was arranged in a consignment box and deposited with a diplomatic courier company (Guaranteed Express Courier Company) because I have left to Japan for three months official assignment. So, you should go ahead and contact Guaranteed Express Courier Company as stated below for the delivery of the consignment to you.

Contact Person: Mrs. Angela Williams
E-mail: guaranteedxcservice@gmail.com
Contact Phone number: +229-688-30920

You should confirm your information to the diplomatic courier company to avoid any mistake for the delivery.

(1) Your full names:
(2) Your current address:
(3) Your contact phone number:

For your information, be informed that the diplomatic courier company does not know the real content of the consignment box for safety reasons; the consignment was registered with them as a box of "Valuable Materials" to be delivered to you. Therefore, you should maintain this status. Contact the delivery company as soon as you receive this message for the consignment shipment to you.

Best Regards,
Phillip Adams

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