Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Invitation to Intensive on Advanced Decision Analysis on RAM

Intensive on Advanced Decision Analysis for RAM
(Reliability, Availability and Maintainability)
10 – 14 August 2015, Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia

The ONLY five days intensive that combines decision analysis, RAM analysis and RAM design, highly relevant for practitioners whose asset integrity tasks are gravely challenged by the bleak market outlook 2015

Why This Course: RAM strategies are well proven in delivering progressive assurance of maximum equipment reliability through the entire life cycle of equipment and systems. However, RAM implementation relies heavily on decision making. Taking a decision is not just a question of selecting a best alternative. Often one needs to priorities all the alternatives for resource allocation among a portfolio of option, or to examine the effect of changes introduced to initial judgements. This is a powerful 5 days intensive course that integrates the “advanced decision analysis” element into the RAM exercise and it is timely programmed to meet the current market demand for effective asset management tools amidst the overall industry wide cost saving trend due to the oil price crash.

Why You Should Attend: Learn how to improve decision making process in operations and maintenance decision through the use of advanced multiple criterial decision making software for prioritization. Master integrated approach to various data collection and analysis and formulate decision making problem for benefits/ cost analysis. Explore the philosophy and role of RAM and how RAM is linked to life cycle cost. Increase plant availability by eliminating unplanned downtime, reduce planned downtime, improve quality and minimize maintenance costs. Gain the ability to make strategic maintenance related decisions and independently undertake basic RAM engineering activities. Develop optimum strategic maintenance program for your physical assets. OPEN FOR REGISTRATION NOW! Early Bird Discount Available and Limited Seats. For more details and registration, please email to elson@yf-asia.com with the subject title or contact us at (+65) 6536 8836. Other Courses That You Should Not Missed!!

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If these courses is not what you are looking for, do email or contact us for more courses available.

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