Monday, May 11, 2015

From Sir. Nick McPherson

Unit 1, Horse Guards Rd, London
SW1A 2HQ, United Kingdom.

Dear beneficiary,

I think we have given you enough respect and time to pay for the transfer permit. At this juncture, we have concluded that you are no-longer ready and willing to have this fund. Kindly put it in writing that you are not willing and capable of claiming this fund. Once we receive this, the transaction will be called off, as directed by the legal department of the treasury. Be informed that after seven days of this notice and you did not respond, we will have no other option than to seek for a court injunction which will enable the government of the United Kingdom to declare this fund unclaimed. The HM treasury of the United Kingdom has commenced a legal process to end the transaction. Kindly sign the attached disclaimer form from the Royal High Court as it will enable us to call off, cancel this transaction.

Yours Sincerely,
Sir Nick McPherson JP

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