Monday, April 20, 2015

Important Legal Business,

Very Important Business,
From Mrs Geena,

Hello Dear Friends,

My name is Mrs. Geena, Head of international Remittance department (Cimb Bank Malaysia). I was instructed by my bank to pay all our owed foreign contractors/inheritors who have not yet received their funds.

In the process of paying the beneficiaries, I came across a file as on unclaimed fund belonging to one of our foreign late customer who was a gorverment road contractor he came to my country some years ago. Unfortunately, the customer died along with the Malaysia Missing plane MH370.

Reason of sending this message to any foreigners who l can seek for his or her assistance to enable me transfer the late customer funds amount U,S.D. 6.5 Million out in my bank to your bank account in your country as business between us. We will offer you 45% percentage if you are interesting partner.

For confidential purpose please contact me on this my private Email:

Mrs.Geena B.Ahmad.

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