Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hi pretty

Hello pretty,

Hi pretty Angel, i saw your profile picture and i must confess you look so elegantly sexy and beautiful. I am a 54Years businessman who have stayed in New York for years and my business takes me to different countries of the world, am a German by birth currently leaving in Europe. Am divorced since May of last year 2014, i have a daughter kate who is 12years old and now stays with my sister in Liverpool. I very much admire your beauty, i love reading love books, i like swimming, i like surfing on the beach, i like walking along the beach and i like your smile, cause you are so beautiful. Since i lost my first wife to cancer in 2010, i remarried in 2012 but that marriage ended because i discovered my ex wife was cheating on me, my intention was to stay away from relationship because i discovered that most women i have met until now are only interested in my money and not in a relationship, but that has changed since i saw your picture and how beautiful you are as a woman, i also believe you are a very responsible lady that can take care of her man and make him happy, so i decided to email you. I know you will probably be wondering how i got your email, the secret is that i am a Government intelegency contractor for many countries U.S, Europe and Asia, i have access to a lot of personal information.

I know it will all sound strange to you but i will really like to know more about you and will be happy if you email me and tell me a little about yourself.

I await your message, have a beautiful day pretty angel.

From an admirer,


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1 comment:

  1. Just received this email today, Monday 03-14-16 at my work email address so this emailer is still using the same address hi,

    I am seriously looking for some love and affection, I'm an adventurous, hardworking, seriously committed and kind person. I would like to find someone who shares my commitment to live, health and fitness, but also has unique interests and wants to try new things with me, for the rest of our lives.
    I know it will be difficult for you to understand, but I will be glad if you to write me and tell me a little about yourself and if you will be interested in knowing more about me and I hope this will be the beginning of a very successful relationship for us.
    Kind regards,