Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I have been assigned by my colleagues to contact you.

Dear sir,

I have been assigned by my colleagues to contact you. I am the Executive Vice President and Group Chief of Staff of the British Petroleum Plc. I am also a member of the audit and compensation committee of BP Plc saddled with the duty to investigate and research contracts awarded by the British Petroleum Plc in 2010 consequent upon the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and make recommendations to the board. In the course of our duty, we discovered among other things, that a staggering sum of ?47,900,000.00 (Great British Pounds) is floating in one of the bank accounts of the British Petroleum Plc unclaimed. After a more thorough investigation, we discovered that the amount was the result of an over-invoiced contract for the supply of Scavenger 2000 Depollution Boats with Voraxial Separators for the cleaning of the oil spills/habours in the Gulf of Mexico, which was originally masterminded by the BP Contract Award Committee with the intention to transfer and use the money. Due to the caliber of people involved in the deal, we have therefore teamed up with them to finalize, tidy -up the account records and close the deal with your assistance, as we need a foreign firm/individual to be presented by us as a sub-contractor for the claim of the money. Upon receipt of your reply confirming your interest in working with us on this project, we will discuss the terms of transaction and give you details as we have carefully worked out the modalities for a safe transfer of the funds.

N / B: Please, this information is strictly confidential and should not be divulged to any other person for security reasons. Thank you for your understanding expected.


Dev Sanyal, PhD.
(Executive Vice President and Group Chief of Staff)
British Petroleum Plc (BP).
International Headquarters, 1, St James's Square,
London SW1Y 4PD United Kingdom
Tel: +447700030804

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