Monday, December 15, 2014

Compliments from Miss Deborah

Dearest, My name is Deborah i am Citizen of Ukraine i am looking for a partner that can assist in selling Gold in your country. My family have been fighting the Ukrainian / Crimea Government for the past 15 years now to avoid the Ukarine Government from taking over the land that belongs to my Family, this land is significantly filled with raw Gold, the Government had in past offered my late parents over $4m to hand over the Land to them which was refused by my parent,rather my parents wisely decided to take him to Court . luckly last year the Supreme Court ruled that the Government has no right to forcefully take over our Land .Since last year I have been digging the Gold in a local way by myself and my workers, but the challenges I am facing is the Government refusal to issue me with a License to sell the Gold, but I have the right to dig the Gold according to the Ukraine Supreme Court ruling but it is only the Government that can issue me a license to be able to sell the Gold in Ukraine but if I find a way to get the Gold out of Ukraine then it is not illegal . I have dealt with so many people in the pass but they never send back the money after sending them the Gold to sell for me.I recently found out that the big Companies that mine Gold here in Ukraine are my problem they are the one lobbying the Government not to issue me the License to sell Gold because they felt it will affect their monopoly. I am writing you to do business with you and I am willing to give you 30% of every transaction we do, I will be sending Gold worth $2m in every transaction, you will not be spending any money from your pocket I will be responsible for all the charges .If you are interested you may feel free to contact me on this you get this message. Thanks Deborah

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