Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Your total fund of $1.2million was deposited at the office of the Western Union Money transfer today under the custody of Mr. James Anderson. You shall be receiving $4,500.00 everyday and per transfer. To begin the transfer, your first $4,500.00 has been sent in your name and ready for pick up so you are hereby advised to contact the Western Union agent; Mr. James Anderson immediately for the release of your transfer information (MTCN, sender names, question and answer test) of your first payment sent today. Please note that the cost of your MTCN activation has to be paid to the western union office by you. When you contact him, ask him the cost of the activation fee of your MTCN you need to pay before your transfer information is released to you for pick up today. Please we are using this medium to also apologize for whatever you must have passed through because of your funds as we are here to serve you to the best of our integrity and also put an end to this problem. Note that the western Union has also been mandated that on no reason shall any amount be deducted from your total fund for you shall receive your funds as we have it registered here and you are only paying your activation fee to them.

Contact person: Mr. James Anderson (Western Union Manger)
Email: westerntransfer.office@yahoo.com
Contact phone number. +229 68808554

Please contact them now for the immediate release of your funds and also to give you the m t c n, sender's name, to pick up your first $4,500.00 from your total fund today. Have it in you that $4,500.00 shall be transferred to you daily till the full payment of $1.2million is completely transferred and the transfer charge has been taken care of please note. Forward your full name, Telephone number and Address to them immediately so they will be sure of what they have to avoid mistakes. We shall also forward your message to them in case you sent your email back to this office and they shall contact you from their office as soon as possible

Your Full name -----------------
Your address------------------
Your city---------------
Your country-------------------
Your age---------------
Your sex---------------
Your occupation------------
Your phone number--------------

Yours in Service
The secretary,
Federal Ministry of Finance and
Board of Debt Management,
Dr. Mrs. Jessica Eseh

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