Tuesday, September 3, 2013

US$1,500,000 Million.

World Extreme metro plaza,
Plot 991/992 Zackariah Malabar street
cad astral zone A.O central business district.

Ref/Payment Code: (06614) / US$1,500,000 Million.

We discovered that you have not received your payment according to the
official instructions previously. And we sincerely apologize for any
damage this delay might have caused you already.

Meanwhile I was instructed to inform you that we have arranged to pay
you sum of ($1,500,000 million US) through international credit card
that is cash able in all the ATM machine or Bank anywhere in the world.

The foreign payment manager Miss janie stilwell will issue the ATM
card the instant you make contact with her, and organize your funds in form
of your personal identification number and that will

allow only you to have access over your money, this arrangement is to
make sure you receive the payment easily today through D.H.L company
without any more delays.

presently, I am traveling to JAPAN on four years special assignment,
Furthermore, I will be out from this day forward, though I have told
the manager already that I will advice you so as to apply

for the payment, so try to make contact with her as you read this
message so that you will receive the funds, NOTE: you will need to
corroborate your payment code (06614) together with essential

information to her which includes.

Your Name in full--------------
Your province-------------
Your Mobile/Fax------------------
And your habitation Address as required

The above listed information should be forwarded to her via his below
Email Address:

Contact Name: janie stilwell
Tel: +22967364616

Miss janie is a God fearing and with good account of which others have
received their funds successfully through her services and there was no
complain so far, so i can assure you that you will

receive the payment today according to the instruction I gave to her
which rely on your immediate conglomerate with him.

NOTE: That it depends how serious you are

Yours Sincerely
richard ryder

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