Saturday, September 14, 2013

Re: Reply Soon

From the desk of: MR. LARRY AGBLEY
International Commercial Bank, Accra Ghana.
Treasury/Suspense Account Control Dept.
Fone: +233 24 181 2355


I am Mr. Larry Agbley, The Manager of Suspense Account Control Department of International Commercial Bank, Accra Ghana. There is a transaction I would like you to spare-head on my behalf in my Bank.

I discovered an abandoned cash of US$9.1 Million United States Dollar, belonging to our (Expatriate Customer) who is an Australian Gold Merchant that died with his family in a Plane Crash that happened off the Coast of Abidjan in Ivory Coast, West Africa in Nov 1997 involving Kenya Airways, Boeing 747 Registration No KYN 45-27-04NN. The information contained in the file with our Bank shows that his wife and his Foreign Partner has the legal authority to put claim, but unfortunately he died along with his wife, but the wife and the foreign partner name are not mention in his record.

Therefore, upon this discovery, I decided to contact you in order to collaborate with you as the Foreign Partner to the deceased so that these funds can be released and transfer to the account you will be nominated for this transaction.

Thereafter we will have favourable sharing, please get back to me immediately on Telephone Number +233 24 181 2355, but remember that this transaction is strictly out of telephone communication, I will appreciate if you can let us handle it through email or fax for the main time, until our bank approve our claim.

Your cooperation with me we enable us to achieve our mutual objective. I will educate you on how the transaction will proceed upon your acceptance of my proposal. I will guide you through the question our bank may ask you during claiming process.

Thanks for your cooperation in anticipation.

Best Regard,

Mr. Larry Agbley
Fone: +233 24 181 2355

This message should be treated confidential

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